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Wood fired pizza ovens; rich imported fabrics; fresh seasonal produce; fine wines; live music; dine and dance – the Drive offers you a totally unique experience. You'll find fashions ranging from imported Italian shoes to cheap chic; live entertainment from Reggae to Jazz; dining from every country you can think of!

Just the buzz on the Drive is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. Pass by coffee bars where snippits of politics and culture pepper the air between the hiss of the espresso machine. Catch the delightful aromas of the restaurants and check out the menus. Peruse a design magazine or the sports scores while a busker in the park accompanies a marathon haki sack tournament.

The Drive is alive with the energy and vitality of the people that really make this Vancouver's Expressive Edge! Come and be a part of it.

Where Else, but the Drive?

“If you were searching North America for a vegetarian Turkish restaurant, wouldn’t you start in Vancouver, land of niche health food? In fact, let’s be frank. Could it be anywhere but Commercial Drive?”…

Source: Best Eating, John Burns