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Take the Drive…" — our new ad campaign for 2012

Our new "Take the Drive…" ad campaign is focused on the close-knit, urban village flavour of the Drive and we'd like to hear your stories about those kind of connections. Business to business; shop to customer; merchant to neighbourhood.


See these examples for a sense of the kind of connection we want to profile. Then share your story on Facebook for a chance to win $500 and if we use your story for a new "Take the Drive…" ad you'll get $100. See more details about sharing your story on Facebook.

Don't worry about writing professional ad copy, just send us your suggestions and we'll take it from there. Thanks!

Some of our past campaigns

In 2010 Our Co-op ads reached over 19 million readers annually! 

Top of Mind – the term Ad agencies use when they say "Hip Neighbourhood, great shopping" and you think "Commercial Drive". It's one of the key ingredients for successful advertising. The other is frequency and we can help you get both with our co-op ad program. You get "top of mind" through our distinctive ad format. Readers recognize our ads and connect the Drive with all that great stuff that we’re showing. And whether you’re in one issue or all of them, you get the benefit of shoppers being peppered with frequent ads that brand the Drive as the spot you gotta shop.

Oh, and did I mention that we get great volume discounts! You squeeze more out of your ad budget and get the added impact of a distinctive full page being run with high frequency and brand recognition.

OK, you say, but are they effective?

Here's what a few of our advertisers have to say.

"We’ve had many new customers come into the store and tell us that while staying in some of our 4 star hotels downtown, saw our ad in Vancouver Magazine and made a point of checking out the Drive. They didn’t know about the neighbourhood but now that they do, they’ll definitely be back." - Otter Louis, Womyns’ Ware

"I know my ads are working when I get new customers raving about discovering our pizzas, because they saw our ad." - Patti Lombardo, Lombardo’s Pizza

"We're after an upscale, hip housewares market and the image that these ads project is perfect for our clientele." - Linda Tang, Dream Designs Co. Ltd.

The Commercial Drive Business Society pays 1/3 of the cost to advertise our whole community as a fabulous shopping destination.

So you get effective, distinctive ads that run frequently, get noticed, brand the Drive as the great shopping/dining neighbourhood that it is. And you get great rates on an affordable, fractional page size. The only drawback is that they're first-come, first serve, so get in touch with our office administrator for more details. T: 604.251.2884, F: 604.251.2899

…or you can just email us