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Commercial Drive has repeatedly received the Georgia Straight Reader's Choice award as the best we'd like to experience it for ourselves! Join us on Wednesday February 27th for an all out tasting frenzy, exploring four restaurants in this vibrant neighbourhood on foot...all in one night! Tickets are $60.00 (all food included in ticket price).

Vancouver is an enviable place to be this time of year, when everyone heads outdoors to take advantage of the mountains-meet-the-sea locale. Sure, you can join the masses bicycling the Stanley Park seawall and hiking the Grouse Grind - they are top attractions, after all.

Wander a few blocks in one direction and you have to choose among 200 flavors (some of the more extreme: gorgonzola pear, lavender, chili) when you order up a dish of gelato from the neighborhood's well-stocked shrine to Italian ice cream, La Casa Gelato.

Secret Vancouver's first edition of this unique guide for "travelers with a yen for the undiscovered and out-of-the-ordinary" finds much to reveal about the Drive.

"Walked the back alleys, rattled on locked doors, tickled the city's underbelly, and muddled over manuscripts. ... in the interest of what [they hope] will be both a subversive and seductive account of the unknown city." Not in the least surprising to us here on the Drive, the authors uncovered a great deal about Vancouver by mining the Drive to reveal these previously unknown, now know factoids.

Traditional and trendy mix in this culturally diverse neighbourhood centred on Commercial Drive between Venables and Broadway. Utne Reader chose The Drive as one of North America's hippest neighbourhoods, and the local Georgia Straight voted it the city's number one.

A telling threshold has been reached in one of North America's most diverse neighbourhoods. More than half of Commercial Drive storefronts nw sell food, either as a restaurant, a take-out, a bakery, a cafe, or a convenience or produce store.

The pursuit of the perfect pizza, an often exasperating exercise and a frequent case of reality cunning roughshod over hope, ends at Commercial Drive.

We took six realty insiders—two agents, a developer, a demographer, a co-op housing official and an economist—to lunch, and boy, did we get an earful. Surprisingly, our disparate panel often saw eye-to-eye when it came to social policy and the role of government in adding value to the real estate market.

News flash: Location is important. But how to decide the right location for you? a tour of six very busy neighbourhoods