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January 20, to February 5, join participating restaurants on The Drive for delicious events that provide festivalgoers with unique culinary experiences at a great price.

Shades of old Vancouver in the heart of a modern metropolis "Now a fascinating fusion of all its past lives, the ever-vibrant strip - especially between Broadway and Venables - is a people-watching paradise of indie stores, quirky eateries and patio-fronted bars ideal for laid-back urban exploring." - John Lee

Scandilicious (1340 Commercial Dr), family owned and operated, is proudly serving Scandinavian and European sweet and savoury waffles, coffee and Scandinavian baking.

Commercial Drive has repeatedly received the Georgia Straight Reader's Choice award as the best we'd like to experience it for ourselves! Join us on Wednesday February 27th for an all out tasting frenzy, exploring four restaurants in this vibrant neighbourhood on foot...all in one night! Tickets are $60.00 (all food included in ticket price).

We've always known that La Grotta del Formaggio is the best cheese shop in the city. Well, it appears that news has reached the realm of our animated friends. Spotted last night on the wall under their front window was Mickey with a wedge of Swiss in his hand — or is that Emmental? or perhaps Gruyére? Hmmm… you'll just have to take a look to be sure!

Mulberry jam from Damascus. Harissa from Tunisia. Rosewater from Lebanon. Halloumi cheese from Cyprus. These are but a few of the myriad exotic delicacies that populate the shelves of Mediterranean Specialty Foods on Commercial Drive.

Here's the January, 2008 list of restaurants recommended and anonymously visited by Vancouver Sun restaurant critic Mia Stainsby. All are within her great value category that covers dinner for 2 with 3 courses and a glass of wine each for under $50 before tip and taxes.