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Come on down and enjoy the pop-up park in front of Prado Cafe at 4th & Commercial. This park will occupy 2 parking spots for the day — noon to 6 PM, and includes a public piano. So, enjoy the shade, tickle the ivory and sip a killer cappuccino while you're at it — all part of VIVA Vancouver and CityStudio.

Tom Woywitka, with Bikes on the Drive shares their experience about cyclists who survive serious bicycle accidents — because they were wearing their helmets.

Read more about Bikes on the Drive's participation in McComb Witten's 4 month long campaign to donate 10% of the retail value to the BC Brain Injury Association.

From July 1 - October 31, 2013, whenever a bicycle or motorcycle helmet is purchased from shops along Commercial Drive, McComb Witten will donate 10% of the retail value to the BC Brain Injury Association.

McComb Witten represents personal injury clients and knows from experience that the best way to avoid serious brain injuries is to wear a helmet. Their goal is to help educate the public and raise awareness of the importance of wearin ga helmet while motor biking or cycling for both children and adults. Bikes on the Drive, Dream Cycle, and Modern Mororcycling are merchants that share this goal and are participating in this community oriented campaign.

As Joni Mitchell said, "Don't it always seem to go, you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone?" Many feel that's what's happening to Commercial Drive. We love the quirky, bohemian, only-on-the-Drive flavour of our great neighbourhood. But it seems to be human nature to want to tidy up the rough edges, maybe spruce things up a bit and before you know it, things just 'aint what they used to be. Often that's OK. Change can be good. Or maybe we polish so much we lose that beautiful patina.

Cross Charles Street on the East side of the Drive and you may have noticed that trail of petals like some storybook fantasy secret garden. If you take a minute to see where it leads, you'll find The Flowerbox — one of Commercial Drive's great little shops. Sacha runs the Flowerbox, makes the bouquets, and manages to squeeze more sweetly scented blooms, beautiful vases and exotic plants into that little space than you would have though possible.

Commercial Drive is already home to The Daily Catch Seafood Company — Vancouver's only 100% Ocean Wise seafood store. Next to Robson, it's also the most-walked street in the City. So pairing The Daily Catch Food Truck's moveable feast with all those hungry, eco-minded, west-coast walkers was just meant to be.

Winter 2009, By Bob Ransford, Montecristo Magazine


The Renaissance in Vancouver's Little Italy