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Saturday July 25th
Trout Lake Youth Group is hosting a FREE Small Appliance drop off event on Saturday, July 25th. The event is a day of family fun, including bouncy castle, lawn games, arts & crafts, magician and much more.

What do you do with your food waste? Metro Vancouver’s food waste disposal ban begins in 2015

Just in time for your Christmas shopping list! Where Magazine's December issue includes a section on gifts that give back, featuring links to 22 products that support charities and local initiatives. Among these gifts that are going to make you feel great about purchasing them, are our banner bags and umbrellas made from our retired street banners. 

Our banner umbrellas are guaranteed to shed the blues and the rain! Our beautiful, durable nylon shopping bags made by the Kettle Friendship Society are a must-have for shopping on the Drive.

To most of us the wine cork is just that last little obstacle between us and a glass of fine wine. Once it's out of the bottle, more often than not, it makes its way into the trash. Well last summer the restaurants of Commercial Drive decided to drop those natural bottle stoppers into containers supplied by the "Put a Cork In It" cork recycling program.

4th Edition in Stores Now! Commercial Drive's old street banners get second life as reusable shopping bags! If you are thinking of getting one, don't hesitate. The last edition sold out in 3 months! If you missed them, don't despair — our 4th edition is in stores now.