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Would you like free advice on saving your business thousands of dollars on electricity and natural gas bills?

If your business spends less than $50,000 per year on electricity, the City of Vancouver can help you save money.

The results are in! Commercial Drive's a hit with the Georgia Straight's annual Best of Vancouver — over 57 winners! Congratulations everyone!

Our banner umbrellas are guaranteed to shed the blues and the rain! Our beautiful, durable nylon shopping bags made by the Kettle Friendship Society are a must-have for shopping on the Drive.

A 1,000-pound public art installation, paid for by the Commercial Drive Business Society, was installed in Grandview Park last week with assistance from the Vancouver Park Board.

As with the last 2 years, the 3rd consecutive year for this great celebration of the Drive's Italian heritage was a fantastic event. The crowd was estimated at >80,000!

The City of Vancouver began working with the Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA), a non-profit charity based in Vancouver, to develop a large, 1.2 acre vacant plot of city owned land in the Cedar Cottage neighbourhood as a new urban agriculture initiative focused on perennial food systems.

In the spring of 2012, the City of Vancouver launched a comprehensive community planning program in the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood. The process will be done through extensive public and stakeholder consultation.

Our new "Take the Drive…" ad campaign is focused on the close-knit, urban village flavour of the Drive and we'd like to hear your stories about those kind of connections. Business to business; shop to customer; merchant to neighbourhood.

While Kindles and the internet may be the last straw for mega chains like Borders, indy-bookstores are alive and well on Commercial Drive. Pulpfiction's recent opening of their 3rd location, bumps the count on the Drive to 4, including Abraham's, Canterbury Tales and Peoples Co-op.

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria opens April 18th, bringing (more!) authentic Neapolitan pizza to Commercial Drive! The authentic thin-crust pizza is baked for 90 seconds in their fire-roasting Italian pizza oven.