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Join our BIA

Who Qualifies to Join

If you own a property within the Business Improvement Area (BIA) or if you own or operate a business within the BIA you are a member as soon as we receive your completed membership application form. Occasionally we miss the arrival of a new business or property owner so please let us know you're on the Drive.

The BIA includes businesses on both sides of Commercial Drive to the lanes East and West of the Drive and extends from 13th Avenue at the South to the lane North of Venables.

Why You Should Join


Becoming a member entitles you to participate in our on-going ad campaigns. We have advertised in Vancouver Magazine, Where Magazine, The Vancouver International Wine Festival Program, The Vancouver Arts Club theatre programs, Essential Vancouver and Guest Life, among others. In 2012, we ran our first campaign with Lamar Advertising — a 3 month campaign in the 3 major SkyTrain routes.

They present an upscale, cohesive branding for Commercial Drive and build traffic to the Drive by showcasing a representative sample of member businesses. read more

Free Web Site Listing

Your business contact information and location on the Drive are listed in our data base and displayed on the map in the "Fast FIND" section of our web site. This web site is promoted in all of our advertising as well as on every piece of correspondence sent out by us. It's also actively promoted to groups such as the Vancouver Real Estate Board, the Vancouver Board of Trade, Tourism Vancouver and the Vancouver Better Business Bureau to name a few.

Free Graffiti Removal

We have contracted Silhouette Painting, a local business owned by Peter Liebnig (604.250.8338) to remove all graffiti within our BIA as part of our zero tolerance policy. By completing the approval form, you enable Silhouette Painting to remove any graffiti from the street frontage walls of your building at no cost to you.

Community Planning

By becoming a member, you are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting, be nominated for election to the Board of Directors and serve on any of our committees. Becoming involved, means you have a say in the direction that Commercial Drive takes; how our operating budget is spent and what the priorities are for our initiatives. To find out more about what we're doing check the "programs" section under "about us" in our site.

Clean Team

Dressed in their "Totally Drive Certified" overalls and armed with brooms, our Clean Team spearheads the fight against city grime. They're on the Drive every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, removing posters and picking up litter from sidewalks, storefront entrances and boulevards and pruning and weeding the base of trees along the drive.

As part of "Sweep the Drive!" they'll be assisting volunteers from the Kettle Friendship Society and Britannia High School with graffiti removal and clean-up day in the alleyways.

If you would like to find out more about these great benefits, please email us