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During the month of December, the Commercial Drive Business Society held a window display contest during the holiday season to all our wonderful merchants. When choosing the best decorated storefront, stood Da Vinci Travel. It was clear in the winter wonderland installation that has taken many years to accumulate, that dedication and years of service go hand in hand in business and in tradition.


Located centrally in Little Italy, sisters Marina, Laura, Olga, Sandra, and Rosanna are all part of the family enterprise, which has now been in business for over 40 years pioneered by their father in the heart of Commercial Drive.


Each sister brings their own expertise to the table from booking, and specializing in European travel offering easy International, Corporate, Group and Leisure Travel. From their website at davincitravel.ca learn all about what they offer from cruise excursions, European tours and travel packages.


Although a vast number of people do a lot of their travel bookings online today, they point out that it is always a risk, as travel pitfalls still occur. Not having an agent to resolve any issues that happens, can sometimes ruin a precious vacation. This occurs more often when booking your own itinerary. It is why travel agencies still exist, and in are still in demand. They in turn, try to stay within your budget, and to give you a peace of mind when traveling internationally.


Members of IATA (International Air Transport Association), and being an Expedia affiliate, they certainly have all their ground covered.

As their website also points out. they are your Travel Agent for the Perfect Vacation!


As a great community, you can always count on Commercial Drive to not just offer some of the best cuisine, and specialized services in Vancouver. Add a multi experienced team of travel experts on your list, and we are “jetset” to go anywhere in the world from the The Drive! “Buon Viaggio” as they say in Italian for Bon Voyage!


Da Vinci International Travel Inc. is located at 1428 Commercial Drive

Web: www.davincitravel.ca

Phone: 604-254-9557

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