Kettle Friendship Society Fundraising Gala


Last month, we were fortunate enough to attend the annual Kettle Friendship Society’ Making A Difference gala at The Vancouver Club.

The Commercial Drive Business Society (CDBS) has partnered with the Kettle Friendship Society for over ten years.  As a proud community health and wellness advocate and partner, The Kettle Society’s SEED program is partly funded by the CDBS to the tune of $40,000.00 per year.


Throughout the 10+ years of partnership with this essential community stakeholder, the CDBS has contributed over a half-million dollars to the Kettle Friendship Society to date! In addition, we also proudly provide their street team uniforms.


Thank you again and congratulations to The Kettle Friendship Society. See you next year!


From the Kettle Friendship website.

Thanks to all who attended our annual fundraising event, Making a Difference! This year was our best one yet!


This year in total, our event raised over $150,000! We’ll make these funds go a long way in providing individuals with supported employment opportunities, helping people overcome barriers they may face in accessing life-saving benefits, and towards providing hot, nutritious meals every day of the year.


Retired NHL player, Jordin Tootoo, gave a heartfelt and honest address on his experience with substance use, mental health, and loss. He captivated and inspired the audience, reminding us all of the importance of Indigenous perspectives, inclusivity, and stories of resilience.


For more information, please visit The Kettle Friendship Society website at: