Kulinarya Filipino Eatery – Restaurant success is best when served twice!

Until opening its doors this past December, finding authentic Filipino cuisine in Vancouver was seemingly impossible. Thanks to Kulinarya Filipino Eatery, which is now situated at 1134 Commercial Drive, they have a chance to put this long awaited Southeast Asian cuisine on the map. It’s a great opportunity for both the restaurant, and the constant flow of food lovers that frequent our community.                         


Although challenging and nerve-racking, success should be to their favor, as this venture becomes their second, Kulinarya location. Opening her first locale in Coquitlam back in 2009, owner and chef Rose Samaniego sizzled into popularity, quickly winning over food lovers on that side of the Lower Mainland.  Years later, in 2013, her skills earned her an Honorable Mention by the Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards.


“We felt the timing was right because the Coquitlam location is established now and people love our food.  We wanted to expand and we’re blessed to arrive in Vancouver and be on Commercial Drive. Using fresh ingredients and keeping it as authentic as possible to our native Filipino roots is very important to us when showing the community our cuisine,” adds Rose.


For those unfamiliar with the Philippine food culture and appetite, the food derives from its Southeast Asian origin with a history of Spanish and American influence. One might be intrigued that the taste buds consistently go back and forth between savory and sour, sweet and salty, based on the dish. Traditionally as well, a wide range of meat dishes will usually be accompanied with a dip or a sauce (a requirement) to which many Filipino and other Asian specialties are known for.


Although a fair amount of Filipino dishes are geared towards the meat lover, Rose is quick to point out that she is working to diversify the menu and cater to her vegetarian clientele.


Something different, for particularly large groups or parties is that you can literally immerse yourself into a cultural feast. They have what they call a “Kamayan” style lunch or dinner, where there are no plates or cutlery, and you just eat with your hands.  Quite simply you just select your favorite dishes from the menu and your Kamayan spread is laid out and served on a giant banana leaf.  You will definitely have to make a reservation though, as their minimum package requires six adults to devour it. Sounds fun and tempting right?


Since their grand opening the restaurant seems to be having great momentum. With many upcoming events and festivals this year, it should be no surprise that when it comes to Filipino fine dining, The Drive location is sure to duplicate its mark on this side of the Lower Mainland. Enjoying authentic Filipino food will no longer be a bucket list for many Vancouverites. The Commercial Drive Business Society would like to congratulate the Kulinarya Filipino Eatery’s continued success, and a warm welcome to the best street in Vancouver! 


Serving all-day breakfasts, and open six days a week, you can find their info and menu at:


Kulinarya Filipino Eatery

Address: 1134 Commercial Drive

Phone:1 604-255-4155

Website: www.kulinarya.ca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kulinarya

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eatkulinarya


Blog and Photos by Alfonso Arnold / alfonso@alfonsoarnold.com

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