Bakery Sate

When “FATE” brings Bakery SATE to The Drive.


On the south side of the Broadway-Commercial Skytrain Station thrives another section of our community on The Drive that is constantly moving and evolving. More than three years ago, one of the newer commercial developments at 12th and Commercial stood empty for quite some time.

“It seemed like no one wanted to take a chance on the space,” says Eric Ho, pastry chef and owner of Bakery Sate. Launching the French bakery business situated at 2879 Commercial Drive has proved to be a great move, and three years later Eric couldn’t be happier.

You see, along with his passion for baking, he is also an engineer by trade owning his own firm prior to moving to The Drive. His story of being an engineer with his own firm to being a master baker with his own patisserie is quite inspiring. Proof that changing careers later in life to follow your passions is always on the horizon, and the rewards in Eric's case shall we say is...SWEET!


When it comes to successes, one of his hits in the kitchen is definitely the croissants. Created fresh every morning, the (Red Seal) trained pastry chef finds the perfect balance in double baking them. Choose one of many variations.  Along with the standard fare of goods you find in cafés, you are definitely in luck if you are craving a more delectable dessert.

You can see and taste the detail that goes into the pastries. They are beautifully presented like the coconut-passion fruit cake and a host of others that Eric is constantly inventing. Enjoy a hot bevy and a fresh cream puff, or on a rainy day, surrender to an espresso crème brûlée without blinking. All of it made without any artificial color or flavors.


Through a small window, you can even see watch them make it firsthand, inside the ambience of its quite large contemporary space with high ceilings.


Since all of his creations are literally baked from scratch, he has custom made cakes to order and they are happy to accommodate your request for any special occasion.


Being specialized has its business perks, as the bakery has had the good fortune of being featured in the Huffington Post's “ Top 20 bakeries in Canada” and a television spotlight in The Food Network’s “Sugar Showdown” season 2 episode that Eric participated in. How cool and sweet is that?

“It was a great opportunity to happen” says Eric.

With such great progress since opening the café, can there actually be a downside to it? Well Eric does point out that the café is closed Sundays and Mondays and that his loyal clientele would prefer his bakery open seven days a week.

“Never say never” he grins...Well as the saying goes, and if instinct proves correct as it has throughout his career, it just may likely happen!


You can find and enjoy Bakery Sate at 2879 Commercial Drive



Blog and Photos by Alfonso Arnold /

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