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Community Planning Process

Commercial Drive, or ‘The Drive’, is one of Vancouver’s oldest and best-known business districts, and the multi-generational small businesses that make up the dynamic area help form the fabric of our city.

New Street Banners on The Drive

New Street Banners
The Commercial Drive Business Society recently designed, purchased and installed these beautiful banners at the Commercial and Broadway Sky Train Hub.

What do you do with your food waste? Metro Vancouver’s food waste disposal ban begins in 2015

Great Drive Video!

Inside Vancouver's great video by Sean Horlor captures the pulse of the Drive. Check it out and read the article!

Our Heritage

In addition to a wealth of heritage homes, Commercial Drive has Vancouver's second-largest inventory of heritage commercial buildings — great for location filming!

B&Bs Near the Drive

We have a great collection of B&Bs on and around Commercial Drive. Take a look at some of the options listed below and book accommodation that will be just as unique as your dining and shopping experience in this great neighbourhood!