Commercial Drive Bike Lane Survey Results

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SEED Employment Program - The Kettle Society

Kettle Friendship Society
The Commercial Drive Business Society would like to congratulate the Kettle Friendship Society on 40 years of making a difference in the community!

5th Annual Christmas On The Drive

Saturday November 26
We invite you, your friends, your family, all Commercial Drive residents and the entire Grandview-Woodland community to join us in celebrating the start of holiday season!

CDBS response to CoV Grandview Woodland Plan

Businesses along Vancouver’s iconic Commercial Drive are coming out in opposition to the City of Vancouver’s plan to install permanent, separated and dedicated bicycle lanes on Commercial Drive.

Save Commercial Drive from Bicycle Highways

We urge the City of Vancouver and the Transportation Department to reconsider its idea to drastically alter transportation and access on Vancouver's historic Commercial Drive.

Leasing on Commercial Drive

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