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A culturally rich and authentic neighbourhood, Commercial Drive - also known as The Drive - is one of the best and most colourful shopping, dining and nightlife districts you will find in the city; and boasts home to Vancouver’s own 8 block Little Italy, representing more than 60 years of Italian heritage. Day or evening, The Drive offers 22 full blocks to explore with over 300 distinct merchants, including quaint boutiques, an eclectic collection of restaurants, a vibrant live music and bar scene, dinner and dancing, theatres, coffee houses, specialty food stores and bakeries. A one of a kind experience. Welcome to The Drive



Italian Day on The Drive!  is a vibrant cultural street festival celebrating Italian culture, heritage and community with over 150 street participants, comprised of partners, merchants, vendors and community organizations – and an estimated 300,000+ attendees of all ages and cultures.

Keeping the Drive Clean

By Drive Admin | January 28, 2018

Keeping the Drive Clean The Commercial Drive Business Society (CDBS) Street Enhancement Committee works with many local groups to keep the sidewalks and streets in our Business Improvement Area (BIA) clean and safe. In addition to our long partnership with the Kettle Friendship Society, who provide street cleaning, we also work with Rain City Housing and the Read more…

Little Italy Food Tour

By Drive Admin | September 21, 2017

Taste Vancouver Food Tours Every Saturday from 2:00pm – 4:30pm on Commercial Drive, our special partners at Taste Vancouver Food Tours, take those wishing to experience a unique multi-establishment food, history and tasting in some of our fine Italian establishments. They couple this with an interactive guide to learn about the history that has made Read more…

Commercial Drive Business Society Donates $2,000 to the GWCPC

By Drive Admin | September 17, 2017

Commercial Drive Business Society Donates $2,000.00 to the GWCPC Being safe can be fun – Cops Kids, and Commercial Drive Sept. 10th at Grandview Park.   It was literally quite the show of force this past Sunday. The fun filled Sunday event brought children, men, and women together that are passionate about putting children’s safety Read more…


By Drive Admin | April 1, 2018

A NIGHT OUT FOR MUSIC HEALS – ON THE DRIVE It has been quite a nightlife of live music and The Drive has been there rocking it for the whole month of March! First, we had the “A Night Out for Music Heals” fundraiser and then we wrapped the month with the JUNOS 2018 “let’s Read more…


By Drive Admin | May 17, 2018

SOPRA SOTTO PIZZERIA – FROM THE HEART OF LITTLE ITALY On the corner of Grant and Commercial is literally the heart of Vancouver’s own  Little Italy. What unveiled in March is a beautifully designed and renovated Sopra Sotto Pizzeria that now stands on the southeast corner, a business formerly known to many as Café Roma. Generations Read more…

Bandidas Taqueria – THE DRIVE’S MOST WANTED

By Drive Admin | May 16, 2018

Bandidas Taqueria – THE DRIVE’S MOST WANTED When it comes to vegetarian and vegan cuisine in Vancouver, Commercial Drive is a leader, with many diverse restaurants and shops. A big hug also to the animal based kitchens that do their best to cater their vegetarian and vegan guests! If you go south of the border Read more…

The Business of Being Positive
Womyns’ Ware | Your Open Closet

By Drive Admin | April 18, 2018

The Business of Being PositiveWomyns’ Ware | Your Open Closet Education aside, there is no question the media has a lot to do with people’s perception upon how we behave towards, and how we even shop for you know… ”SEX”—Yes, it’s sex. A frequently misguided term, inherently defined as an activity as well as gender Read more…

Empower Health – Real Solutions for Real People – Integrated Health

By Drive Admin | March 11, 2018

Empower Health – Real Solutions for Real People – Integrated Health It is a concept with a powerful title. They are an integrated team of medical, naturopathic, alternative, and wellness professionals. We can take comfort in our community, that there is a wonderful treatment facility that offers such services, which are integrated and modulated to Read more…

Kulinarya Filipino Eatery – Restaurant success is best when served twice!

By Drive Admin | March 19, 2018

Kulinarya Filipino Eatery – Restaurant success is best when served twice! Until opening its doors this past December, finding authentic Filipino cuisine in Vancouver was seemingly impossible. Thanks to Kulinarya Filipino Eatery, which is now situated at 1134 Commercial Drive, they have a chance to put this long awaited Southeast Asian cuisine on the map. Read more…

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