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From cool little corridors to major thoroughfares, these are the streets worth a stroll right now – according to our global team of local experts

In a city of rapid change, Commercial Drive remains defiantly ungentrified. McDonald’s and Starbucks tried and failed to stay the course, and the many clothing shops and boutiques are devoted either to vintage (see: The Only and Mintage) or ethically sourced items from far-off places (Wander EmporiumParanada). Sure, there’s a low-flying doughnut chain outlet and one of the street’s best (former) dives is now a generic watering hole, but nearly everything else is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Hip by default, the Drive (as it’s known to locals) also boasts a family-owned bowling alley, a plethora of coffee shops (try finding a seat on a nice day), no fewer than four used book shops and three record stores – and more pizza (and pizza slice) joints than you can shake a pepperoni stick at.

Like many other vibrant neighbourhoods, the Drive is still suffering a post-2020 malaise – a street that once boasted five stages for live entertainment is now down to two – but it’s still the best hang-out-and-people-watch show in town.

EAT // Although pizza and sushi dominate the Drive, Lunch Lady’s modern take on Vietnamese street eats ensures the resto is almost always at capacity.

DRINK // Commercial Drive is the heart of Vancouver’s Little Italy, and Bar Corso is one of the newer Italian additions. The small, intimate establishment is a perfect date-night destination for a Negroni or Amaro, followed by a glass of Barolo and a grappa finish.

DO // Visit The Drive Canteen, a local snack bar with local and exotic eats, house-made sweets, and a large selection of non-alcoholic beer, wine, and mixed drinks.

Shawn Conner | Contributor, Vancouver | Read Full Article Here

Photograph (in banner): Destination Vancouver / Nelson Mouellic